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Originally Posted by Richt127 View Post
A tricked out civic can beat a bmw. A tricked out bmw can beat a ferrari. Where are we going with this?[/]

But a tricked out G wont beat a tricked out BMW. I know my place car wise, I wouldn't try to race cars I know I'll lose to. Like Op said G drivers r db's, your looking to much into what im saying.
other factors aside. youre saying if your car is faster, its not db of you to rev at another car? What if the G driver is heavily modded and think they can give your modded 335 a run for the money? Are they still considered dbs?

I believe that people are dbs, not the car they drive. I get revved at by bikes, other bmws, civics, lambos, etc(thats a lot of dbs). Sometimes i just step on it to be a good sport. Purpose of getting a sports car is to go faster no?