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Originally Posted by Richt127 View Post
A tricked out civic can beat a bmw. A tricked out bmw can beat a ferrari. Where are we going with this?[/]

But a tricked out G wont beat a tricked out BMW. I know my place car wise, I wouldn't try to race cars I know I'll lose to. Like Op said G drivers r db's, your looking to much into what im saying.
Well that makes you a pussy and a douchebag.
You would only race cars that appear to be slower than yours...

I owned a G35, and I still raced faster cars if they wanted to have a run.
There are a lot of fast G's and Z's out there, just like there are a lot of fast civics out there.

Before assuming that those G drivers are "intimidated", you should realize that you are not much different from those G drivers.

No one cares if your car is chipped or not. At the end of the day, you drive a 335i.