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Originally Posted by urBan_dK View Post
But still built by ChipTorque?

Perhaps Shiv can answer the question better...and additionally what makes the rev3 better than the old XEDE units.
Chiptorque's XEDE and our Procede are completely different animals. No common ancestry either. Different hardware, different software and different firmware. The Procede is manufactured right here in CA and is proprietary to us. The XEDE is a device manufactured by Chiptorque in Australia.

Below are pics comparing the two. On left, XEDE circa 2006 (the last time we distributed it-- not sure if it's been updated since then). And current Procede on right.

As you would expect from 6 years of BMW-specific development, the Procede is a bit more specialized than the XEDE. I can go into details such as CAN integration, on-board memory, more analog i/o, more digital i/o, more pins on connector, faster processor, more developed tuning software, etc,. But i'm not sure how fair it is to compare something new and BMW specific to something several years old which was intended for more general use.


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