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Originally Posted by BMW6Speed
Originally Posted by username11 View Post
I hope you are trolling. Otherwise you get douchebag of the year award. The people ignore you because they think you are an idiot. They look "shook" because they are surprised to see someone really close to their car and revving their engine. Wow.
The OP's post was how G drivers want to race him to try and prove themselves. Mine was how I am surprised because no matter what I do they seldom want to race me. And they are not "shook" because they are surprised, they are "shook" because they are intimidated. My car is loud, and appears to have more work done then it does. Kids with riced out G's don't want to run becasue they don't want to lose, you can Easily see it on their face. They do not want to be embarassed that their tricked out G will never beat a BMW, simple as that.
A tricked out civic can beat a bmw. A tricked out bmw can beat a ferrari. Where are we going with this?