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Originally Posted by chmura View Post
Good looking garages.

I think I want to epoxy my floor rather then doing Racedeck. Racedeck looks cool but I actually wrench on my vehicles and I get oil on the ground frequently. Seems like there is potential for oil to get through the cracks and wedges of the Racedeck tiles. I do not want oil standing under the Racedeck for years and years. yuck.
I work on my cars myself also, although less than I used to. I'm certain a small amount of oil has gotten through the race deck, but honestly, so what? Other option is to just use a small rubber mat under the car when you work.

If you are going to do epoxy and really want it to hold up, you really have to properly clean and prep the concrete, and use a proper two part epoxy. I used an inferior epoxy product before the race deck, and it didn't hold up too well to tire heat and winter salt. The heat/salt combo is particularly bad. Then, you can't just repatch that one area, as it really won't up at all. Once the epoxy coating is compromised in one area, it really starts to fall apart.
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