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Originally Posted by Dodge2Dub View Post
You are potentially looking at +40whp with the deletion of primary CATs, an air filter and a pulley. That's puts you around 520 cHp on 91 octane! I'd say those are impressive gains.

Separately, from what I understand, the piggie tune allows for complete removal of the tune as opposed to a flash or dyno tuning. That to me says that the old technology is still relevant and beneficial.
Correct, the Procede doesn't modify the DME code in any way. In fact, the DME is completely ignorant of any tuning business. So physical removal leaves no evidence of tampering. Even if the black box data were to be analyzed by the powers that be.

As for "old technology" vs. "new technology", I think anyone suggesting that the Procede falls into the former camp may want to do some research. Flashes clearly have their place in the market. But like everything else, they do have their limitations.