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Originally Posted by DylanMckay View Post
I am endorsing anyone who is doing something unique and different rather than the same tunes everyone puts out with some a/f changes, ignition etc. Nothing "special" about the vishnu tune itself alone without the meth componenent.

You are missing one HUGE thing however, especially for people in cali or arizona or people out eas in summer. Keep in mind the stock car on 91 pump and even 93 does not even make the standard 414 crank hp due to not being able to fully advance the timing in the stock tune. Then you take it in the summer months and you are way down on power.

Unless you use race gas to prevent some of this-its hard to even make the stock max power.

So a tune using non-race gas in summer will maybe net you 10-15 over what you otherwise would be making which is a lot less than the rated hp due to timing retarding.

The meth addresses several things. First it provides the ability for the computer to not only maximize advance stock but even further advance timing due to the octane boost by meth. Tunes alone without race gas/meth cannot advance even beyond the stock limits let alone further or the computer will simply retard it.

Also the meth itself cools down the air so in hot months this really eliminates the hot weather effect so the added hp from the tune/meth can be added to the actual power the car should be making stock rather than starting at a lower power from timing retardation from heat.

As far as warranty-proceed being piggy back is the easiest to remove in two seconds. Also can remove the meth kid easily. So no issue with warranty unless you are too lazy to remove it. A flash tune is harder to take off unless you go with a self flash system tool than its great.

So maybe 30hp is not much to you but its probably more like 40-50hp in the summer months which even 30hp is HUGE for an NA engine.

I applaud people that do unique things-if this was so antiquated then why haven't others done it? People spend a lot more on exhausts and pulleys and removing cats which do not give you near the same power.

The on-road difference between a full bolt-on car running pump gas and a less modified car (say, just x-pipe) running a Procede/pwm meth kit is profound (well, as profound as comparing two NA cars can be). The meth car will only only pull harder but it will also be completely insensitive to heat soak/high ambient temps and fuel quality fluctuations. Things which EVERY m3 owner has noticed with their car. Even those that run on 93-94oct.

This means that a Procede/PWM meth car making 400whp will out perform a full bolt-on pump gas car making 400whp. And it will also have better post-shift torque (due to no knock-induced ignition regard) and get better fuel economy on the race track.

The truth is that there is only so much power you can squeeze out of an s65 given real world constraints. Namely air density/IAT and octane. And that is currently what every tuner has been bumping up against for the last several years. This is why there is no flash tune which is clearly superior to the other.

The only way to make the next evolutionary step is to remove these real world constraints. One option is to move to alaska, run 100oct all the time and run a custom flash that bumps ignition advance 4-5 deg. Other option is to stay where you are in run a Procede/PWM meth kit.


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