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Originally Posted by TMR View Post
Even though we are using a piggy back on the car with the meth, the flash vs piggy really doesnt apply. You want to say a flash tune is better, up to you. A flash tune will not be able to do what the proceed is doing when meth flow starts and stops. If you dont like the idea of the Proceed as a tuning solution, fine, the proceed is the meth controller. The power should speak for itself. I had a flash on my car. As good as flashes may be and such, after a few hours of tuning on the dyno, it in no way made anywhere near the power and tq that the Vishnu system with meth made on my car. On my car, we used EAS's dyno, where they did a full bolt on ( intake, pulley, catless exhaust ) and a tune and got 400whp and my car hit that with just high flow secondary cats and magnaflow exhaust with the vishnu system. I am certain, if i do an intake, remove my stock cats and a pulley i would get more power. If you dont believe it, try it, i believe Vishnu has a money back guarantee.
You are potentially looking at +40whp with the deletion of primary CATs, an air filter and a pulley. That's puts you around 520 cHp on 91 octane! I'd say those are impressive gains.

Separately, from what I understand, the piggie tune allows for complete removal of the tune as opposed to a flash or dyno tuning. That to me says that the old technology is still relevant and beneficial.
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