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Originally Posted by CoconutPete View Post
Pretty good night of fights.

I'm still going to reserve my decision on Thompson until I see him fight someone who wants to wrestle instead of just standing in front of him.

I thought Pierce won also, but when a fight is that close you can really never complain about the decision. Koschek should have lost a point for eyepoking, but Michael Bisping should lose 10 or so points every time he fights due to fence grabbing and we have never seen him lose a point.

Dissapointed in Condit vs. Diaz. I wanted Nick to win, but I agree with the decision. The real blame lies with Diaz's corner.... why the hell did I keep hearing "good job" in between rounds. They should have been yelling "Don't take another step forward, stop chasing him"! It was also frustrating to see Condit who is a freaking killer who always goes for the finish fight a fight where he clearly had zero intentions of ever trying to finish the fight.
although I agree you cant crown Thompson just yet but Stittgen is a 100% grappler, I think he was just puzzled on what to do against that style and didnt really go for many takedowns. Would like to see him against someone who is more well rounded next time though

And also dont get the people who say Condit wasnt trying to finish, he has a couple of combo that would have knocked most fighters down. The head kick he landed in the 4th would also have KOed 90% of fighters

One of the craziest things about the Condit vs Diaz, is how many people are changing their opinions after rewatching, some had it for Condit, then after rewatching they had Diaz and people who had it for Diaz after rewatching, switched to Condit and other like myself stuck w/ their original pick (Condit). To me that only shows how close the fight actually was.