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Originally Posted by mmm def View Post
You're probably looking around $100-$150 labor to swap them out at a shop if you go that route. How long have you had the car? You might get used to it if you wait a bit. Bottom line if you aren't happy, do something about it. Most people on here love an aftermarket exhaust, and if you do like the sound then consider swapping it for another aftermarket with less drone. The Magnaflow from what I have researched has a lot of drone. I have a B&B on mine, and there is barely any drone at all.
Yeah it does.... I have a Magnaflow exhaust and it does drone a lot below 2000 rpm!!!! I try to keep it at about 3k rpm and it sounds awesome... I bought the exhaust used so it was cheap... I'll prob switch later on in life cause the drone is bad....
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