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2008 Interlagos Blue M3 listed as a 328i in Annapolis

At Koons Toyota in Annapolis, I had been watching this M3 for approx. 2 weeks. But there was no sticker on the car Well, this past sunday I stopped by and took a look, and they had the sticker on the. But, they put on there that it was a 2008 328i, with the wrong color, vin, and of course engine, and they wanted $19,600 for it, all total for $19,800. ANd it's not on their website

I stopped by on Monday as soon as they opened up and told them about the mistake, and the saleman said thanks, and that a guy who worked their wanted to buy it and and then flip it---i suspect he is the one who put the sticker on the car...not thinking that someone who knew cars would catch them. The saleman had said that if he were me, he would have tried to buy the car at the $19,800 price---I said no, because the higher ups wouldn't want to lose money on it (dealerships are in business to not lose money).
I also referenced that case where Bentley of Scottsdale had the 2008 Bentley on Ebay for $13,900 and a guy bought it, but the dealer balked because they forgot a zero---meaning it was $139,000...Ebay pulled the auction.

Just the nerve of some people to put up the wrong info on the sticker in hopes of nobody paying attention.