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Originally Posted by esqu1re View Post
Most likely due to the driver of the Miata. Miata is good and even better with a track suspension, but with driver being equal, it's not porsche or ferrari destroyer...
100% right. The thing is not all Prosche/Ferrari drivers are the best drivers. I have nothing against anybody driving such a car, on the contrary well for him, but it is not a reason to say cars like MX-5, BRZ, RX-8 and S2000 are bad/slow because they lack power.

Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
I'm a previous Miata owner, and love extracting the most from them on the track. They're great city cars too, but pretty dull and tiring on the highway. I think that if Mazda hits their target goal of 2200 pounds for the ND that it will be most of what the Toyobaru thinks it is, as it stands, I'm not overly impressed.

It's more car than the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, at least until the new engines, but I don't see it as a hugely better car than an NC Miata, a car that's really, really long in the tooth. I do think that the addition of a turbo to the BRZ in a few years will make it a much more appealing daily driver, even if it does compromise it's track balance slightly.
I do not see the BRZ as a better car than the MX-5. For me the BRZ is just like a slightly faster MX-5 with 2 safety seats and no openning roof, thus more room. What keeps me from buying the MX-5 is that there is no proper Coupé version, but only a Roadster, exactly what I disliked about the S2000, there was only a Roadster and no Coupé. I just have a preference for 2 seater Coupés over 2 seater Roadsters.

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