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Originally Posted by KennyPowers View Post
So, if I am understanding what you are saying, you are calling adding a meth injection system and tune that adds 30whp (compared to approx 15whp from a normal flash tune that doesnt involve putting an antiquated piggyback tuner) genius? And criticizing other tuners for not implementing this system? 15whp extra gain?

Let me tell you that there is no way I would run a piggyback and meth injection on a car for a 15whp gain. No chance of keeping warranty and a lot of work involved in removing the system to go in for warranty work if you needed to.

Other tuners havenet implemented it yet likely because the gains are so small for adding a complex system like meth injection to your car. This isnt a turbo car where meth injection adds 75-100whp and tq.

No need to bash other tuners for not implementing something that is complicated and in my opinion not cost effective at all.
So, he got a little overexcited.

Still, it's a bit harsh to say the system is antiquated, and over complicated.

As I understand it there are three options for engine management (flash, piggyback, standalone) and they all have their pros and cons. To say that one is better than another is if not wrong then grossly superficial. Each has to be evaluated based on the application and the intended goals. Blanket statements are not helpful or productive.

The complexity of the Procede Meth Kit, and it's installation and maintenance can be debated, but Shiv and Robert have provided lots of information on this forum and their website to at least make it as easy as possible to install and maintain the system.

To say it isn't cost effective is a misrepresentation. The Procede Meth Kit is one of the cheapest dollar per horsepower options for the S65. It is also one of the last and newest of a very short list of NA modifications that doesn't involve modifying the displacement of the engine. Talk about something being not very cost effective. (No offense to the stroker guys out there. I'm just jealous. )

Vishnu Tuning has also done it's best to keep us informed of the risks to the warranty and what can be done to mitigate those risks. If you think other modifications discussed in this sub-forum do not pose some risk to your warranty and/or you are overly concerned about warranty then I think you are in the wrong sub-forum.
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