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Pretty good night of fights.

I'm still going to reserve my decision on Thompson until I see him fight someone who wants to wrestle instead of just standing in front of him.

I thought Pierce won also, but when a fight is that close you can really never complain about the decision. Koschek should have lost a point for eyepoking, but Michael Bisping should lose 10 or so points every time he fights due to fence grabbing and we have never seen him lose a point.

Dissapointed in Condit vs. Diaz. I wanted Nick to win, but I agree with the decision. The real blame lies with Diaz's corner.... why the hell did I keep hearing "good job" in between rounds. They should have been yelling "Don't take another step forward, stop chasing him"! It was also frustrating to see Condit who is a freaking killer who always goes for the finish fight a fight where he clearly had zero intentions of ever trying to finish the fight.