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Originally Posted by DylanMckay View Post
Leave it to shiv to come into the scene like 4 years after all the other tuners have been at it and and provide a product that is so far above and beyond what others have not been able to do in 4 years! Every other tuner came up with a tune but nothing making it stand out. Really this is why some business flourish and others get by. creativity and genius seem to be shivs thing. He has dominated the n54 tuning world and now pulls out the best product for the m3 in a couple months of toying around! Cant wait. Nobody else is offering anything close to a 40hp crank gain from a bolt on keeping your cats. Awesome man!
So, if I am understanding what you are saying, you are calling adding a meth injection system and tune that adds 30whp (compared to approx 15whp from a normal flash tune that doesnt involve putting an antiquated piggyback tuner) genius? And criticizing other tuners for not implementing this system? 15whp extra gain?

Let me tell you that there is no way I would run a piggyback and meth injection on a car for a 15whp gain. No chance of keeping warranty and a lot of work involved in removing the system to go in for warranty work if you needed to.

Other tuners havenet implemented it yet likely because the gains are so small for adding a complex system like meth injection to your car. This isnt a turbo car where meth injection adds 75-100whp and tq.

No need to bash other tuners for not implementing something that is complicated and in my opinion not cost effective at all.