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Originally Posted by AMPowerJ View Post
You probably didn't keep it long enough. Mine has been heat cycled very well on the track and it has definitely gotten louder and opened up. I have read/heard that BMW purposely designed the exhaust to meet TUV noise regulations initially, but then get louder than that with use. Might be some sort of urban legend but again I do believe mine has changed.

I have never heard the Akra in person, but I don't find the BMW PE to be raspy. But this is the great thing and the troubling thing about buying an exhaust. They all sound different to different people. So when someone comes on here and says "What exhaust should I buy?" I always a little bit.

The other thing everyone seems to forget about this exhaust is that it is made from Iconel. Not that anyone really cares that this exotic alloy is used, not even me, but the only other Iconel exhaust that I think is on the market is offered by Eisenmann. It retails for around $7000, so by comparison, this exhaust is a bargin!

I did sell the exhaust to a friend and he likes it. He's put a few thousand miles on it, so it's probably done breaking in. It did get a little bit louder, but it's still too quiet for me, with just the rear section.

I should have been more clear, it's not raspy by itself but if you do a primary or secondary cat delete even with resonators, it's pretty raspy. It is very well made, etc, I just thought that the price was too high for what you get. I'm just not a huge fan of the tone.