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Originally Posted by DylanMckay View Post
[url] love the gt3 and porsche but to me its still pretty darn impressive for a sport coupe like the m3 to really hang or beat a dedicated sports car in the form of the 911. Cut it how you will, for the price, comfort and "sedan" version I think the m3 really is a pretty amazing machine.
The M3 can "hang" with a lot of cars more expensive but it also gets beat by cars less expensive. Also, you place WAY too much emphasis on straight line speed IMO. A 997.2S or GT3 of any recent variant are not meant to be dragsters (nor is the M3). They are well rounded track/sports cars and if money isn't an object are better than an M3. If the "fastest" car was always the "best" car then a Ferrari 458 would not be as "good" as some other cars today that we all know would not hold a candle to the 458.

Having said that, I absolutely agree that the M3 is an amazing performance car for the price and practicality as we all know. But if you value straight line speed... which this entire thread is about... there are better options than an M3 for the same/less money.
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