Thread: M3 v. 997 drag?
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Not trying to be an m3 douche and I do agree that video with the .2s beating the m3 is consistent with what people are saying, if you watch the video the m3 is starting in the wrong gear as you can see how bogged down it gets compared to the jump you can see it gets in any other straight line race.

Once the cars are going, you can see the m3 is pretty much not losing much ground and they are pulling pretty much the same.

I think the m3 probably started in 3rd and was way too low in the revband and the porsche walked him early and of course the m3 could not overtake that.

I would like to see a few runs with the proper gear.

If you look at the same set of videos, the m3 walks a 996 gt3 which is rated simiilar to a 997.2s