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Originally Posted by DylanMckay View Post
Not talking about a track as I know porsche has the upper hand on almost any of their 911 models but as far as a straight line race from a roll how do the straight line speeds stack up with the regular 911S and the GT3? (I know their is a mid-model upgrade but either one I am curious about)

Just curious how the 4 litre V8 compares to the 4L flat 6 (or 3.9l) in the gt3. Both must be two of the greatest engines ever but I have not had priveleage to drive the porsche
In a nutshell (and finally):

M3 beats up on 997.1
Very minor advantage to M3 against the 997S1. Take ten of each, and the M3 will win, say, eight races.
Heads up with 997.2 (see Car & Driver 2009 comparo between M3 and the 997.2, each with the automatic)
Loses to 997S2

Gets killed by either version of the GT3
Also gets beat by any of the new 991-model 911s

From a dead stop, the Porsches have the advantage, as long as the P-car driver is willing to abuse the machinery - think massive axle tramp. With a more merciful launch by the Porsche driver, the M3 does a bunch better.

By the way, the M3 does not disgrace itself on a road course against the 911s. With novices aboard, the M3 will beat up on everything except the GT3s, and even with experienced track rats, the M3 will more or less hold its own against everything except the 997S2 - and of course the new 991s.