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Messed Up?

Here's the deal. Me and my family own a restaurant in miami. We just opened up another store in dadeland mall food court. My brother has been on vacation, visiting his in-laws (I don't know if you can call that a vacation really), overseas for the past month. At the end of his vacation he is going to sign for his wife's 5 series (ED) as well as sign for my m3 vert (thanks Ryan Amico and Francesca Ortiz).

The past 3 days I've been up at 7am, to be there at 9 am to open the store closing at 10 pm. Fixing up the place to our standards has been exhausting. I stumble home from exhaustion and pass out and then start all over at 7am. So I try to catch as much sleep as possible.

On the third night of working 12 hour days my brother texts me this photo at 2:30 IN THE MORNING with this text.

"A teaser for you, shot from the premium lounge"

How can i sleep after getting the text?!?!
I was lying in bed cursing my brother for sending me one picture from so far away. i wanted to text him back and let him send more pics, but they charge like $100 a text.

Now I have to wait a few more days just to see pictures he took of my car and then another 10 weeks for it to be delivered to a Performance Center.

I just needed to vent on the post to people who might know what i am going thru. I mean couldn't he just wait till he got closer to take a better pic to send me.

Am I wrong to be upset with him?
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