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Originally Posted by pbonsalb View Post
"Methanol is sprayed into the air filter using two custom-made 1.0mm nozzles. At 100%DC, the system is rated at 750-800cc/min. This finely atomized spray drops intake temperatures considerably and raises knock resistance well beyond that of what you would get when running straight 100+ octane race fuel. With no other changes in mapping, this intake temp drop and octane bump is worth up to 10whp and near perfect run-to-run consistency. Coupled with a PROcede-induced ignition advance bump, another 5-10whp can be realized in a naturally aspirated application."

"Without meth, most of the power gains afforded by any tuning solution (flash or otherwise) comes from running a 2-3 deg ignition advance in the upper midrange. This fills out the dip in power at ~7000rpm. I have yet to see any evidence of power gains as a result of VANOS tuning. And then again above 7000rpm, a bit more power can be extracted by enleaning AFR slightly (by just ~0.5 point).

And with meth spraying, additional power is passively gained by dropping inlet charge temps (higher air density) and by running another 2-3 deg of timing throughout most of the power band.

So to answer your question, ignition timing is the best contributor to power gains. Not surprising considering the gains that people see by just adding race gas and letting the DME run it's maximum timing set points. But at $7-8/gallon, that gets expensive/inconvenient after a while."

The way I read this, Vishnu's meth spray alone without Vishnu's tune is like running 100 octane race gas and worth 10 rwhp, mostly due to a 2-3 degree timing advance. Add Vishnu's tune and you will gain another 5-10 rwhp by advancing timing 2-3 degrees through out most of the power band with maybe a bit more power above 7000 rpm by leaning out the mixture by half a point.

You are welcome.

More spoon feeding for the busy boy with no time to look for himself but time to write a snappy response:
Thanks man! Sorry for being short. I should have re-phrased my post. I had read that info but I guess it was not addressing my question which is my own confusion. Ill put it like this.

-vishnu tune alone with 91 octane-advanced 2-3 for lets say 10whp

My question about this is if the plain stock tune already cannot use its fully advanced timing with 91/93 octane then how does adding 2-3 more degrees help if already can't use its stock advance timing limits?

-Meth by itself good for 10 whp due to cooling effects and allowing the stock tune to fully advance its timing compared to 91/93. This part makes sense.

The last question is if you use the meth-than is it like you say a 6 degree plus advancedment possible over the maximum stock tune advance? 6 degrees more than the typical timing set by stock tune for 91/93 octane?

I think I am just slow but anyway thanks for the posts!