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Originally Posted by htbrion99 View Post

Sorry to change the topic back to the order/waiting list topic, but if i got it right, each dealer has to ender the order in the BMW global production schedule, right? So in the end, does it really matter if you are #1 on the waiting list of one dealer vs. #50 on another dealer's list? As long as the order is entered in the BMW system, it should be fine no?

May be I missed something. Can you clarify?
No worries about the change in topic...actually the # that you are on a waiting list is very important if you want your car when its finally released...remember its a "waiting list" & if you have a deposit at a dealer who only gets 1 allocation a month as opposed to 5 or 10, then you being #50 would mean that you have to wait a very very long time, keep in mind that w/ M-cars dealers aren't holding a large inventory, usually if they have one on the floor is b/c someone ordered it & then backed out after it went into production, so your dealer can't (could but not easy) just call other dealers & find you a car. So if the dealer puts you into the system today it doesn't mean that 3 mths from today your going to get your car, it means that once their allocation & your build date # comes up then 3 mths after that you get your car...I hope didn't confuse you..but here's a link to another thread that may help you out:

btw: what part of NJ are you in...check in here even if your not in Bergen

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