Thread: M3 v. 997 drag?
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Originally Posted by DylanMckay View Post
I guess I could have done this initially but somewhat to answer more objectively as I looked up the weight of the 997 and a power to weight comparo puts them both at exactly 8.6-8.7 pounds per horsepower

997s-3300 pounds, 380hp
m3-3575, 414

I actually thought the porsche weighed less. Thats why I do not understand people knocking the m3's weight considering an absolutely dedicated iconic pure sports car is only 275 pounds less. If you factor in the variance in driver weight and fuel your carrying that could be closer to 175 pounds and then factor in where some of the heavier pieces of the weight is on the m3-which is dead center and low in the car including seats, frame etc. Its not a bad weight figure at all
Lol your numbers are a little bit biased. First of all, your comparing the heaviest 911 to the lightest m3. Good luck finding an m3 that weighs 3500 pounds. My 911 weighs 3200lbs and I have a pretty good amount of options.