Thread: M3 v. 997 drag?
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Originally Posted by Drifting Tree View Post
Cayman R is nuts!!!!

As far as the acceleration. Unless you have done significant work and you are using DCT there is no comparison between the M3 and the 997S. The M3 cannot compete. It is much much closer with the 997.
No offense but look at the video above-this is a e93 vert with dct in a straight line from a roll which means no driver advantage really. It stays dead even with the 997s.1. So how would there be "no contest" as you say when this clearly shows differently with a vert on top of that. Sure the 997.2 is fater than .1 but this video also has a vert so a m3 coupe/sedan v. 997.2 seems it would be almost identical power to weight