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Originally Posted by armyav8tor View Post
I am also with the camp that says if you stiffen up the front roll bar without doing anything to the rear, you are increasing understeer. Now, maybe the Dinan brand somehow defies physics. Who knows, but as long as the OP is happy then that's all that matters.
This is true for double wishbone suspensions and cars with very high spring rates; but not for typical strut suspensions:

A sway bar limits camber changes. The camber is the angle that the tire leans in or out at the top
relative to the chassis of the car. The camber directly impacts the angle at which the tire
cross section meets the road and thus controls lateral grip. As the suspension compresses
the camber angle generally changes relative to the chassis. With a normal Macpherson
that hasn't been lowered, the camber goes from positive to more negative as the
lower A arm swings out straight, and then back to positive as it swings up. That swing
up into positive camber is BAD. At that point the chassis is already leaned over so the
tire may be starting to roll onto its sidewall. Changing the camber even more positive
just just nasty. A big sway bar will prevent the body roll in the first place, and
prevent the suspension compression on the outside which causes the positive camber
change relative to the chassis.
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