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If you've lost someone to Cancer before...

I've never come on here asking for donations before but, my Sister is participating in "Relay for Life". It's an event started by the Canadian Cancer Society and they try to raise money annually towards Cancer funding. My sister will be part of a team running a 12-hour long relay, and each participant is accepting donations towards the cause.

I, and my sister, have a personal attachment to this cause because we've lost family members to cancer. She wrote a brief description on the donation page if you guys wish to read it. We lost our mother last year (January 5th, 2011) to Stage 4 BAC Lung Cancer. This means so much to her she was even crying writing about Mom. It's pretty heart-breaking and is probably one of the most gut-wrenching events a person can go through, whether fighting the battle itself or supporting someone from the sidelines. My sister has opened the donations to $300.00 and has already pledged to match 50% of everything donated up to $300.00 CAD. So she's contributing $150 dollars herself. I'm not saying everyone on here needs to give that much, but everything helps. Giving a dollar shows meaning itself! $300.00 is what she's hoping to raise, but pledges are not-capped to $300.00. I myself have pledged a donation. I encourage you guys to donate if this means anything to you guys!

All donations go towards the Canadian Cancer Society.

Not sure if this is spam or against forum rules. If so, Mods feel free to remove it. If this gets any support from the forum, thanks in advance guys.

Help Support my Sister!

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