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Originally Posted by Poofyo101 View Post
What is the tax like from bringing in a US vehicle to TW?
Originally Posted by FifthStreetz View Post
very nice, how much does it cost to import a car from the states? Did you have to pay the difference in cost or tax? If i relocate to mainland in a few years id like to do the same.
there's "blue book" in custom that have all the duty rate listed for all cars, twese government has website shows the calculation of the duty and tax, however is too complicated, so to roughly count should be around 60% on top of the car's current market value, this should include everything. every single car needs to be inspected (i waited 3.5 months inspection) and there are fees to it but different with different car brands, engine size...etc.

it is still cheaper than getting a car from autherized dealer in taiwan.

if you really want to import the car to taiwan, i recommend just hire a agent to do so, they will handle everything til your car gets the plate.

and im not sure about the duty rate for mainland china, but i know it is higher than taiwan.