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Originally Posted by IrishCoffee View Post
You can configure this thing to allow the EQ in the BMW UI to adjust the EQ in this unit??? I suppose that would make sense if the signal processing is done in the factory unit as well, but that is awesome!

Can you assign different frequencies and Q's to the eq bands? I would assume you woulnd't be able to change what it says on the screen though...

This thing looks seriously promising for a badass system.
The stock eq is in the Top HiFi amp. This uses the controls which appear on the head unit when it is coded for Top HiFi, and uses its internal eq to do what you're telling it to do with the head unit's eq controls.

This weekend I will test exactly what that means, with the RTA.

It isn't customizable at all... But it's better than bass and treble controls.

The head unit recoded today, not sure how it happened or what I did "right". But I have EQ on the iDrive now and my analog outputs are dead, and I have output from the DA2 now.

I currently have the Toslink out feeding a Helix DSP, feeding an Arc amp. No noise, no hiss, clear as day.
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