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Some sort of burn smell when RPM goes high

Hey, guys.
This issue has been happening for sometime, but since I never really cared for it, but I thought I'd still ask. I searched for the answer, but it seems like I'm the only one?
So I bought my car new from dealer which had like 150 miles when I bought it.
This is my DD and I don't track the car and everything's stock, except for the exhaust. Mine now has 39k miles and I rev to 8kRPM time to time when merging onto a freeway from a ramp usually in 3rd gear. When I do bring up the RPM, I smell something burning. It goes away tho.. So when the motor is pushed "hard", I can smell this..
Has anyone experience this? My car does burn oil. I need to top it every 5k miles or so..
Future mod consideration: exhaust, pulley
otherwise, very happy with how the m3 was born