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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
You think because you were a D1 athlete that makes you a nutrition and physiology expert?

Maybe you can help me diagnose this mole I have on my arm too...

EDIT: 25 minutes of biking, that's a cardio workout for you? Coming from a D1 athlete, I expected a lot more. Oh, yea I was a recruited D1 athlete too. I was also all-state in high school for swimming. I've done quite a bit of cardio in my lifetime. I was a distance swimmer. I swam more than 10 miles a day, every day, starting when I was 10, until I was 22. I'm a do'er, as you say... If we're measuring e-peens here, that is...
Your true colors are still showing...I bet you too have a ton of smart-ass thread comments.

Yes, D1 athletes learn a lot more about training and nutrition, but I am no expert. I'm not disagreeing with anyone...I just dont understand why personal attacks have to be made and was in the process of making fun of Quick6EF for doing this numerous times. Why do you insist on making negative comments when it is clear you are not reading everything? 25 min (Bike) cardio each day I work out, that is followed by running 2x per week and speed drills 2x per week. In addition, that is followed by the weight program i listed. BTW...exercise for each area includes numerous types of lifts. I guarantee there are about 95% of the people at every gym that go through the motions and dont actually work hard enough. The bike workout for 25 minutes is balls-out...dripping when I am done. it's not for everyone and i guarantee you would not be able to hang with me...maybe a few months ago when i was a fat couch potato at 225lbs.

Good for you with the swimming...did you swim in College? There is an enormous difference in training, nutrition, and especially coaching at the next level.

Now you just made fun of the other guy...are you not happy? I also agree with him in that it is not molecular engineering or science...just do it!

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