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Ryan Amico / Steve Thomas BMW / ED M3 E90 Perfect!

Perhaps everyone is tired of seeing yet another shout out for Ryan Amico, Steve Thomas BMW, and GOLFRR, but I couldn't resist.

My 08 E90 M3 lease was ending on Jan 31, so I opted for a ED for my new 11 E90 M3 with a Thanksgiving Day delivery. November shouldn't be a great time for ED, but family, work, and lease end date didn't give me much choice.

I was previously in touch with Ryan, so reconnecting was easy. Everything was quick and easy through email. Even when rumors and misinformation was going around about the end of production of the E90 M3 during the June-September period of 2011, Ryan just simply told me he's always in contact and I'd have a November ED delivery. No other dealership in the area could come close to giving me an answer. Many people just went on marginal information without finding out the facts because it would be too much trouble to do otherwise.

Anyways, everything was done through email and signatures were done by courier, so I never had to sweat about anything. I don't enjoy negotiating for hours on end, and the initial lease offer was one that many other dealerships wouldn't even consider.

I even had hiccups before final applications when my passport expired. But the attitude was always about me, no worries, and excellent customer service.

I had a wonderful time with my wife in Munich. They even served turkey at the BMW lounge (just for the consideration of the ED deliveries that day from the states).

The wait for redelivery wasn't bad for me since I was still driving my 08 M3. It came in good time, and I picked it up the day after my birthday while at the same time dropped off my 08 for lease end. Everything was smooth and perfect. When I called BMWFS just in case my redelivery was going to be past my pickup date, they even said not to worry about a week or two late on return (I was early rather than late).

Anyways, I'm happily driving one of the last few NA V8 E90 M3s ever to come off the line. Even though I leased this car, I'm probably going to buy it at the end and keep it as a toy to drive alongside the 2014 M3 that I'm going to do ED with Ryan at Steve Thomas BMW.

Again, thanks for the wonderful service! Buying a car should be a joy. And this time, it really was.