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I pay for online WSJ...have magazine subscriptions. I think it's an interesting idea, don't get me wrong, but I don't feel the cross section of people that are adamantly opposed to and/or are aware of SOPA, who also spend significantly on copyrighted media is large enough to make an impact. This is why un-defeatable advertising has been introduced to the web, because we weren't spending enough on this stuff in the first place, and revenues have to come from somewhere.

"Ownership" or buying media is an outdated form of delivery. I don't download illegally because I just go to Pandora or Youtube to hear music - should I stop listening to Pandora? I don't buy magazines because I read them online, where they also advertise - should I stop doing that? For the few subscriptions I have, should I suspend them for a month? Don't read the paper online for a month?

Maybe I'm nit picking, but it's somewhat preposterous to me that such a simple solution is posed in defiance of a very complicated problem. I seriously think it's an interesting discussion, so don't think I'm trolling - I'm not.