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That is a touchy issue. In the US those born in the US are entitled to US Citizenship and if they said that those that come from China or Korea to have kids in the US are not entitled to US Citizenship that would be considered racism. What they are asking if I am not mistaken in that advert is to amend the previous law by changing it to not allow those from China to get Hong-Kong passports or residency which would be racism and I do not think that will end up working out if they amend it to just be for the Chinese from China unless they scrap it all together which would also not be easy. Not an easy call for the government especially since officially Hong-Kong is now back to Chinese rule. According to the Chinese in China Hong-Kong is a part of China so why would it be ok for the Chinese in Hong-Kong to not allow the people from China rights in Hong-Kong especially when there are so many businessmen from Hong-Kong who invested heavily in China that requested equal rights as the Chinese in China. Many of the Businessmen from Hong-Kong that either work in China or invest in China requested equal rights as the Chinese in China. If I am not mistaken, the people from Taiwan and from Hong-Kong now are able to do many things in China just as the locals can so if they ask the Chinese government in China to give them equal rights while not giving their people equal rights in Taiwan and Hong-Kong that question would be out the door. My opinion, not going to happen because too many people want to invest in China because the market is just so damn big in China compared to Hong-Kong and Taiwan.