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Originally Posted by clpower View Post

DO NOT watch if you are at work or eating.
Believe it or not I have seen many parents help their kids pee in front of my shop on Chunghsiao East Rd. here in Taipei as well. On the local freeways here in Taipei you will also see people taking dump or pissing as well.

It is not just the Chinese in China that can be pretty low, I had a customer yesterday come in for a clitoris piercing at my shop. When she lifter up her skirt there was thins long green dental floss looking string hanging between her legs (like one mounted to a firecracker lol..) which was the string to her tampon. Women have their periods which is normal but WTF would you come in and get your piercing done while on your period?? Many people these days here in Asia have no shame As the Chinese say "厚臉皮 or 牛牽到北京還是牛"