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Alright fellas... that time is right around the corner with the weather looking better and better every day. I thought now would be the best time to set up a date for a car meet early spring.

Last year was a huge success with lots of people and plenty of great looking cars!!! Im glad I had a chance to put something together for everyone to enjoy. I hope we can make this year even larger!!!

Tentative Agenda:
1. Meet & Greet/Eat @ Brick House Tavern + Tap (~11-3)
2. Photo Shoot
3. Cruise
4. Night out at the bars/clubs

Last Years Meet:

Now that I have gotten some feedback this is the "Official Plan"

DATE: Saturday, March 31, 2012
LOCATION: Brick House Tavern + Tap
TIME: 11AM---->

2 McBride & Son Center Dr. Chesterfield, MO 63005

This year, since the park/shelter was already reserved. We are going to try something new! The plan is to meet at Brick House Tavern + Tap. I have contacted the manager and they have informed me we are free to park in there parking lot or the adjacent McBride & Son parking lot, being a business that is closed on Saturdays that shouldnt be an issue. Also for any of you guys needing hotels... There are 2 hotels right behing the Brick House.

Dont let the location make you believe this wont be a good time! I believe we can park hang out and talk about our cars for ~1-2 hours then get a bite to eat a few drinks ~1-2 hours... then photo shoot locations/drive.... Party Time!!!

My intentions are as follows:
-Leave Brick House Tavern and drive to STL Motorsports (literally right down the road) take a few photos and pictures there... maybe even check out the inventory (Im sure upon 10+ trade-ins we can get something nice )
-Leave STL Motorsports and drive towards downtown, at which we take photos at an old industrial building type setting (always makes for kickass pictures)

Still working on this, I have a small route that I am looking at, but I figure with the BBQ & Drive to the photoshoot locations it might be enough for everyone? Also not sure if time will permit. Give me some feed back, Im sure some nice spirited highway drives will be "ok" for many

As many of you will not be able to make it that is understandable, but for those who will... You can let me know I will call around for group rates on hotels or you can make reservations on your own or sleep in your car :hmm:
Sami has great connections and get get us VIP service in multiple STL clubs... So needless to say it should be a GREAT time... As some of the guys from last year know

KC Guys/Other out of town guys... I really hope many of you come and caravan down together, if you ahve any hesitation, ask Brad if it was worth it last year... You wont be disappointed

Attending List
Name//Forum Name/Car Forum

1. Kyle (cosmos///m3- M3F/E46F)
2. Sami- (lilsaM3- M3F/E46F)
3. Brad- (PerkM3- M3F/E46F)
4. Amel- (Boostin_FD- M3P)
5. David- (Tpzbluebmw23- E46F)
6. Shawn- (Turbodreamer86- E46F & OG_Kush- M3F)
7. Nick- (Merritt07- E46F)
8. Lee- (bullitt544- E46F)
9. Randall- (RKiepper- E46F)
10. Jared - (balzak- M3F)
11. Carl- (LSB_Carl- M3F)
12. Humza- (Hum3a- M3F)
13. Sly1types- (M3F)
14. Brent (m3power326- M3F)
15. Joe (Bogart- 1Addicts)
16. Ryan@GFPerformance (E46F)
17. Gavin- (Sinister Crayon- 1Addicts)
18. Ben (Cardsfan007- E46F)
19. Art (RX-BMW- 1Addicts)
20. Brandon (KrnkM3- M3F)
21. Connor (Scumballer- E46F)
22. Ivan (Silver Bullet- ChiTownM)
23. Hecs21 (Dan- E46F)
24. Eric (Eric_BMW- E46F) Maybe
25. Kirby Polaski (???)
26. Steve Steverson (???)
27. Pat Miranda (Patroklai- E46F/M3F/M3Post)
28. Beekbmwm3 (???- M3F)
29. Mousitch (???- 1Addicts)
30. Admir Sepic (potroklai- M3F)
31. Josh (OM3G@- E90Post)
32. Hankcah (M3P)
33. Richbot (M3P)
34. HebbNH (1Addicts)
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