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Is Plug ins album art possible with ipod classic?

I have an old ipod classic 160gb in my armrest. This can carry my complete music collection which saves me snapping in the iphone on short trips.

When I play the classic through the usb with the white lead, I get the regular album art on both sides of the split screen which looks a bit odd. I would prefer a better looking screen.

I can run it through an iphone adapter lead via the media snap in and video works fine.

The thing I would really like is to run the ipod through either cabling method with the plug ins album art screen.

Is it possible to run an ipod classic through the plug in interface? If not, can a 32gb flash drive in the Usb be configured to run with the plug in screen?

Car is a 2008 with Cic and combox retrofit with media snap in.