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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
Dynamic rerouting (or dynamic guidance, whatever it's called) isn't enabled by default, but yes if you check the box you get this rather sweet feature. Although be careful, sometimes it tries to send you along pretty ridiculous routes to avoid pretty minor traffic.
Yeah, I've found the rerouting pretty useless. Typically when I'm in heavy Chicago traffic, whatever it reroutes me on is just as bad or worse than just staying on. I have it enabled, and I'm not sure why I do. Another oddity of the feature is that as far as I've found, you can only reroute when it prompts you (basically, you get a message stating traffic is heavy, do you want to reroute). My other complaint is that in the screen where it displays info about current traffic issues, it seems to show everything in the area, not just what is on the selected route, which is useless to me. I've seen a whole page of traffic alerts, and it's hard figuring out which apply. Overall, I think my Garmin did a much better job with live traffic, but I guess YMMV, since some here like it.
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