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Originally Posted by Envious Eric View Post
106/black (need to pick up if WSR doesnt work here, dont know anything about it as I havent used it)

all on the griots DA, 5.5" pads, speeds 5/6

should be good to go! just slow down on the clear bra, and I would not use 105 and orange on it as you will chew it up. you need to go slower and more mild on clear films
Thank you that helps a ton, ill order a bottle of 106 tonight, I thought I might have the right products just needed some help selecting.

LOL on having BOB handle it I would love to have him use his skills the big hang up is he is about 3500 miles away and at around $1500 one way to ship it would be a hefty tab.

Originally Posted by SamS View Post
So how did it look under the bra?
paint looked fantastic under the bra it did it's job thats for sure. it was so hazed up when i pulled it off it was almost like pulling off a matte clear vinyl.
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