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Originally Posted by ideliver View Post
oh we go again....plain and simple...if we taxed all income at 100% over $250,000/yr...we still have a deficit

we don't have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem...

Also, if you raise taxes on CG to 30% you will see the stock market implode as hedge funds run for the hills for more tax efficient investments...and you will see everyday citizens 401k and pensions take a HUGE hit...

Try to "soak the rich" you end up fcuking everyday people...

Also, when CG was cut to 15%....the tax revenue to hazzard a guess why???
EXACTLY!! Lets also not forget how the tax system breaks down, Something like 47% of Americans pay 0% effective in taxes... Wait a minute i guess that guy was right, maybe we do have an income problem