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Originally Posted by Ilia@IND View Post
Properly bedded pads will make a difference in feel, for sure.

Many shops will use a pressure bleeder to bleed through the brake system quickly, but I am not sold on this being the best option.

You should manually bleed your brakes-

Pump the brake pedal several times (you should feel pedal pressure increase)

Hold the brake pedal down firmly.

While holding the pedal, have a friend open the bleed screw, hold it open for a second, and close it again. Do not let the pedal go up while your friend is doing this, as this will re-introduce air into the system.

Go around the car and continue the bleeding process, starting with the corner that is furthest from the driver first. So on a left hand drive M3, you would do the passenger (right) rear corner first, then the left rear, then the right front, and finally the left front.

I like to go through each bleed screw three times or more, before moving on to the next corner of the car. I also like to go around the whole car several times.

Don't forget to refill the brake fluid reservoir as you bleed the brakes! If the level goes down below minimum you may once again introduce air into the system.

If the procedure is followed correctly, a manually bled brake system will have excellent performance and no air in the system.
Ilia, that is exactly how I bled his brakes for him this past weekend for his Stoptech Trophy kit.

The previous installer did not tighten all the lines down, mainly the passenger front, and had brake fluid sprayed all through out the wheel well and line.

I bled each nipple on each caliper 7 times. I do believe that his ABS pump may be in trouble due to the amount of air that was introduced previously.
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