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My mom is looking at new cars, I need some suggestions. She has been looking at crossovers. She is interested in the Nissan Juke but I think that thing is hideous and she will usually listen to what I have to say. When we go car shopping we don't even take my dad just me and my mom go haha.

-Good gas mileage as she will be putting a lot of miles on it for work
-Reliability, low maintenance costs (obviously)
-She likes having a sunroof
-I think she should get navigation, like I said for work she will be driving a lot and in unfamiliar places.
-She likes "peppy" cars so a small turbocharged engine should do nicely.

Doesn't really want a Civic. She's a cheapskate so doesn't want to break the bank either. I would say realistically <$25k.

My suggestions: Although it is not the biggest or fits her categories very well but I really like the new Hyundai Genesis 2.0T coupe. K go!