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Originally Posted by achien View Post
This particular incident is only a "trigger-point". There had been a lot of animosities built up between the Hong Kong locals and the Chinese Mainland tourists, visitors, and new immigrants.

The Chinese Mainland tourists had been blamed for driving up inflation in HK, with everything from infant formula powder, to electronics, and properties.

HK has essentially turning into Monte Carlo (it was more cosmopolitan like NY before), where there are only 2 classes of people. Super-rich, and everyone else.
The people in Hong-Kong need to remember that if it were not for all those people from China coming over to spend money in HK the hotels would be at 50% occupancy rates,more taxis would be parked in the taxi zones with no customers and the majority of the high end retail shops would not be enjoying the retail sales that they do today. So while there are quite a bit of negatives to all these people coming in from China one can not deny all the benefits that the local gain from them spending their money in HK. I would personally say it is a 50% gain with a 50% negative to it. My $.02..