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This particular incident is only a "trigger-point". There had been a lot of animosities built up between the Hong Kong locals and the Chinese Mainland tourists, visitors, and new immigrants.

The Chinese Mainland tourists had been blamed for driving up inflation in HK, with everything from infant formula powder, to electronics, and properties.

HK has essentially turning into Monte Carlo (it was more cosmopolitan like NY before), where there are only 2 classes of people. Super-rich, and everyone else.

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How the Chinese in Hong-Kong look down on Mainlanders.

Having lived in Asia as an expat for 20 years I find this quite funny at times and interesting at other times. The Taiwanese People along with the Hong-Kong people often look down on the Chinese from the Mainland often seeing themselves as superior to the Mainlander Chinese people. If you ask me they are all Chinese and the Chinese in Hong-Kong are no less noisy or obnoxious then the Chinese from China. Try spending a few nights in Hong-Kong at a Hotel and you will see that the locals will stand in the hallway to their talking or right in front of your hotel doorway and do all their chatting right in front of your door as you try and sleep. This is not just in Hong-Kong but in Taiwan as well.

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