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I understand Martin. Thats why I am posting mine. There are many people out there that have limited experiences with paint protection film. I have ran across people saying that they have seen it once and that is what they base their opinions off of. Well thats like saying you sawa a car once so all cars ar the same. It isnt an accurate observation of the product. Films are constantly being improved and intalations are getting better. There are also lines of products out specifically designed to maintain the film. So all I am saying is open your mind up a little and understand that just because you have some experience with the product doesnt mean you know everything there is to know about it. I have been installing film for almost 10 years now and I wont even pretend to know everything about the industry. It is continually changing and getting better with improved film technology out there. A few weeks ago I got my hands on the new Xpel Ultimate film. I had seen numerous promotional videos about it and thought "this is too good to be true" so I had to test it out myself. Well you can spray paint it (and let it dry) and it wipes right off with IPA, you can write on it with a permanent marker and it doesnt stain, and you can scratch it and it self heals. Now if the scratch is deeper than the half mil topcoat it wont self heal, but most scratches do not go that deep... so its a good product. Bottom line is I would have never beleived it until I saw it myself. And there is nothing to say that tomorrow and even better film will be released. So I leave my mind open to new things knowing that you cant possibly know everything there is about an industry or product. All I can say for sure is if you drive your car you WILL get paint chips whic hare very visible... and this is the only solution to stop it. I also know I have not had any unhappy customers in nearly 10years and not one single warranty claim. So something must be working.