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Originally Posted by ErvGotti View Post
There are alot of stupid drivers on the road.

Just this weekend I was mearging onto a freeway look to see if it's safe to merge and the nearest car to my left was a Prius. It was literally 5 cars behind me so I causally start to merge with the traffic in front of me which was going the speed limit.

Next thing I know as the merge lane is ending the prius is right at my door out of no where. Like he literally had to speed up to cut me off he didn't for some reason want to let me merge mind you there were about 3 car ahead of me. So I'm pissed I had to slam on my brakes to avoid this idiot, I avoid him and get in the left lane to pass him as I dont want to drive around someone as stupid as him.

He swerves into the left lane trying to run me off the road, at this point I'm like WTF I've been driving carefully, not speeding, not cutting people off, and some jackass in a prius is trying to run me off the road. I get to his driver side window and it's some old fucking man and he's staring me down. So at this point I'm pissed and I'm like fuck it I pull out my Glock and flashed him. Needless to say he slowed right the fuck down.

I'm a super defensive driver, I dont street race in stupid situations and I dont clog the fast lane. I'm usually only 5 over. Leason of the story here is dont fuck with people on the road you dont know what that person is capable off even if he drives a Bimmer.