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Originally Posted by HuangYiChao View Post
I guess I forgot to mention but there were cars towards my right so I couldnt move right regardless. The light was also red... If it had been green I would of been driving 45 but since it was red i was coasting somewhere between 35-45. In addition, there was a car 15 car lengths ahead of me and the lane right of me. There was a car right of me as stated before, yet I was faster than he was to the light because I managed to be fully stopped before the angry fat bald guy switched to the right lane to express his anger... That means he probably cut off the guy right of me or the guy right of me is driving way too slow.
blah blah blah. lots of ad hominem. if i wanted to be in a lane, i could get there easily. both of you are at fault. just the way you describe things leads me to believe you were being passive aggressive to the 'fat bald guy', just as he was being actively aggressive toward you. all i'm saying is you could have 100% found a way to let him by, but i'm sure you were glancing in your rear view thinking 'look at this fucking idiot' while subconsciously antagonizing him by coasting along, which you've already acknowledged made him even angrier. and the fact that you would even bring a gun into the conversation really makes your argument take a decided dive into the immature. i carry a gun with me almost everywhere and would never think about bringing that into play in a situation similar to yours. it's not a toy and not something to even fantasize about threatening someone with, unless you plan to use it. and since you did, maybe you need to analyze your own rage a bit more carefully. people with issues like that shouldn't be carrying a high powered assault rifle in any part of their car, let alone own one period.

Originally Posted by yakev724 View Post
I love the driving on most highways in EU.

Sometimes when I pull up behind a driver in the left lane (here) and they don't merge out to let me pass, I try the left blinker but that's never worked

There's just a respectful way of doing things and a way that puts other drivers at danger. It's the people that don't know the difference that cause issues. Worst thing a slow driver in the left lane will do is hold up a bit of traffic.
our laws are very similar to europeans laws, except they're not taught or enforced with very much emphasis. we've all heard people say all you need is a pulse to get a driver's license here. it's true. there's no responsibility of diligence for 90% of the drivers i encounter on the road.