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Originally Posted by The Ghost of Tom Joad View Post
in europe, they call this driving.

i'll play antagonist and say move to the right, like you're supposed to, if someone is on your bumper trying to pass and you're not actively turning left. left lane is for faster traffic, and by the word of the law, slower traffic is supposed to yield to faster traffic in the left lane. i know this concept is foreign to most drivers in america, but it's also a contributing cause of why the standard of driving is so poor here, although the poor quality of driver education is definitely the leading cause.
I love the driving on most highways in EU.

Sometimes when I pull up behind a driver in the left lane (here) and they don't merge out to let me pass, I try the left blinker but that's never worked

There's just a respectful way of doing things and a way that puts other drivers at danger. It's the people that don't know the difference that cause issues. Worst thing a slow driver in the left lane will do is hold up a bit of traffic.