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Originally Posted by The Ghost of Tom Joad View Post
in europe, they call this driving.

i'll play antagonist and say move to the right, like you're supposed to, if someone is on your bumper trying to pass and you're not actively turning left. left lane is for faster traffic, and by the word of the law, slower traffic is supposed to yield to faster traffic in the left lane. i know this concept is foreign to most drivers in america, but it's also a contributing cause of why the standard of driving is so poor here, although the poor quality of driver education is definitely the leading cause. you wanna coast between lights with all the other coasters, do it in the right lane. it would take 2 seconds to let him by and this becomes a non-issue. turning left 2 lights ahead is plenty of time to let anyone by.
I guess I forgot to mention but there were cars towards my right so I couldnt move right regardless. The light was also red... If it had been green I would of been driving 45 but since it was red i was coasting somewhere between 35-45. In addition, there was a car 15 car lengths ahead of me and the lane right of me. There was a car right of me as stated before, yet I was faster than he was to the light because I managed to be fully stopped before the angry fat bald guy switched to the right lane to express his anger... That means he probably cut off the guy right of me or the guy right of me is driving way too slow.
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