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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
And newter brought this all on himself. He thought he could play fast and loose hardball with Romney and nothing would happen. Woops, Romney decided to bite back and, ouch, it hurt. Newt's ok as long as he's in broadcast mode but when Romney started to punch back over the last two debates things changed. Newt is now exposed as the intellectually undisciplined bully he is. It's a runaway train now, he'll be less important at the convention than crazy uncle ron.
^True story. Nobody trust Newt...AT ALL. He lost all interest and respect from me when he was bashing Romney and the way he makes money. People say hes changed blah blah, i gave him a chance and he blew it with this Romney bashing. All day long he bitches on how Romney runs a negative campaign, but ive yet to hear any no-newt adds, instead i hear constantly, anti Romney ads, perhaps its because im in Texas and its not in play yet....

The only thing causing me pause with Romney isn't necessarily his past policy blunders (of which their are plenty) but whether he can fight as hard as Newt may be able to. Love his business experience, and i think he can best right the ship from a non partisan standpoint, I.E. do whats best, not necessarily what the party machine wants, again assuming he has the sac.