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Originally Posted by yakev724 View Post
I've seen a few aggressive drivers (never to the point of getting pissed at me though). Just pulled to the side and let them pass, no point in having to worry about getting hit or any stress. I like to be relaxed when I drive and try not to be around drivers who are abusing the road.
The guy looked like he was about to punch through my window and beat the shit out of me lol... If that were to happen I would just let him kick the shit out of me and sue the shit out of him... but since my female friend was in the car sleeping id somehow get to my trunk and get the AK... damn california law... Ever see that vid on youtube where this guy was speeding up and the guys in the car ahead (camera car) pulls out a gun and the speeding car just braked hard? btw after posting this I heard fire trucks and ambulances... Hope nothing bad happened...
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